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Solar installation by Empire Electrical Co

Electrical Services

Solar Services

Empire Electrical Co provides a comprehensive range of services for seamless solar integration, whether you're starting anew or upgrading an existing system. From initial consultation to installation and ongoing maintenance, our expert team ensures a holistic approach tailored to your unique needs. With a commitment to optimisation, we aim to maximise efficiency, energy savings, and environmental impact for a sustainable and reliable energy future.

Planning & Considering Your Solar Installation


Energy Needs:

Evaluate your household’s energy consumption patterns. This will help you determine the size of the solar system you need.


Roof Condition and Orientation: 

The condition of your roof and its orientation towards the sun can significantly impact the efficiency of your solar panels. South-facing roofs are typically the most productive for solar systems, while east and west-facing roofs can also be suitable.


Local Climate:

The amount of sunlight your location receives will directly affect your solar system’s output. More sunlight means more energy production.


Incentives and Rebates:

We can advise on local, state, and federal incentives for solar energy. These can significantly offset the cost of your solar system.



Solar panels generally require little maintenance, but it’s still important to consider potential cleaning and repair costs.


Grid Connection:

Understand how your solar system will connect to the grid. In some cases, you can sell excess power back to the utility company.


Battery Storage: 

If you’re considering a battery storage system, weigh the costs and benefits. Battery storage allows you to use solar power when the sun isn’t shining.


Long-term Savings: 

Consider the long-term savings on your energy bills when weighing the cost of installation. Over time, solar panels can pay for themselves through reduced utility bills.

Solar Panels

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Solar energy can be a great investment, both for the environment and for your wallet.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

How Empire Electrical Co Can Help

Assessment and Planning:

Determine your energy needs and evaluate the suitability of your roof for solar panels.

System Design:

Design the system based on energy consumption, roof characteristics, and local regulations.

Permits and Approvals:

Handle necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and electricity network distributors.


Securely mount solar panels on the roof, wire them, and connect to the inverter.

Inverter Installation:

Install the inverter (which converts DC electricity to AC) either inside or outside the property.

Electrical Work:

Ensure proper electrical connections for safety and effectiveness.

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