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General Electrical Services by Empire Electrical Co

All General
Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services

At Empire Electrical Co., we take pride in delivering top-notch electrical solutions to homes and businesses across all Regions of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Western Regions of Queensland. With our team of skilled electricians, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure that your electrical needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Our Electrician Services Include

Installation and Wiring:

  • Executing plans for electrical wiring to ensure well-functioning lighting, intercom, and other electrical systems.

  • Installing electrical apparatus, fixtures, and equipment for alarm and other safety systems.

Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Regular maintenance tasks to prevent system breakdowns and maximize electrical usability.

  • Troubleshooting malfunctions and repairing electrical appliances.

Safety Compliance:

  • Ensuring adherence to safety regulations during installation and maintenance. 

  • Conducting inspections and replacing old wiring as needed.

Upgrades and Renovations:

  • Upgrading outdated electrical panels or wiring. 

  • Adding new circuits for additional appliances or rooms.

Emergency Services:

  • Rapid response to electrical emergencies, such as power outages or exposed wires.

  • Prioritizing safety and precautionary measures.

Lighting Solutions:

  • Installing indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. 

  • Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Data and Communication Systems:

  • Setting up data cabling, phone lines, and networking infrastructure. 

Appliance Installation:

  • Connecting and installing appliances like ovens, air conditioners, or ceiling fans.

Electrical Fit-off & Wiring For New Builds & Renovations

  • At Empire Electrical Co, we handle all your electrical needs, from design to installation.

  • For new builds, renovations, or extensions, we provide the right electricians for your project.

Smoke Alarm Installations and Upgrades

  • At Empire Electrical Co, we specialise in proficient smoke alarm installations and upgrades to ensure the safety of your property.

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